Fremantle Herald interview's Preventihealth about their exciting new Alzheimer's Prevention Program

WORKPLACE testing for Alzheimer’s will help people catch the disease early and is a game changer, says Stephanie Hudson from PreventiHealth.

Usually Alzheimer’s risk assessments are only available through your doctor and it can be a lengthy process to get tested, but PreventiHealth can assess employees at work.

Ms Hudson has been a nurse for more than 15 years and noticed that people often miss their annual health check because they are too busy.

She says that a lot of her patient’s illnesses could have been prevented with the appropriate health screenings.

The alzheimer’s assessment involves employees answering an online questionnaire a few weeks before a simple, physical test at their workplace.

It’s important to get tested early: a study of nearly 700 nuns in the United States revealed how likely they were to develop Alzheimer’s.

The nuns wrote autobiographical essays when they first joined the sisterhood and about 80 per cent of the nuns whose writing lacked “linguistic density” went on to have dementia in old age.

As there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s, Hudson believes that a healthy lifestyle plays an increasingly important role in preventing and prolonging the onset of the disease.

She says that “reading, social engagement and feeling that you have a sense of purpose all contribute to a healthy lifestyle”.

Simple changes like eating a healthy diet, increasing your daily exercise and staying mentally active and engaging with the community all assist in building up your cognitive reserve.

If you are interested in organising a corporate health check at your workplace then go to



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