Onsite Temperature Checks

Onsite Temperature Checks

As many essential services across Australia continue to operate, it’s important that measures are put in place to protect the health of team members working onsite and minimise the spread of COVID-19. 

Temperature checks are a rapid, non-invasive and cost-efficient control measure that can help businesses to mitigate their risk on the work site.

This service offers employers the opportunity to;

  • Screen and identify employees who have a normal body temperature so they may continue to work onsite.

  • Identify employees who have a heightened body temperature and then encourage them to follow the correct protocol and seek further medical attention.

  • Provide Shift Screening - screens conducted between or during shifts identify employees with a raised temperature

  • Raise confidence in the workforce that you are taking a proactive preventative approach and providing a safe workplace 

What PreventiHealth will do;

  • Provide your organisation with personnel to conduct temperature checks on your behalf. Note all personnel will be screened prior to attending your workplace.

  • Perform and record the temperature of each employee who passes through the site’s security gate (or front entrance).

  • Notify the organisation of any individuals who are identified as having a higher than normal temperature

Key Benefits of this service

  • Stopping the problem before it kills your business - most businesses are closing 24 hours to disinfect the workplace after an on-site report of COVID-19

  • Identifying employees who have a heightened body temperature can ensure that your workplace is not forced  to shutdown.*

  • Employee wellness - your employees will feel safer knowing they are protected on-site. 


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