Corporate Health and Wellness Programs

We specialise in Skin Cancer Checks, Healthy Heart Screens and Alzheimer's Risk Assessments. Investing in your employees is investing in your business! Contact us today for more information.

We are passionate about delivering tailor made Corporate Health Programs to companies Australia wide. 

With Australia's ageing population, preventative health strategies and management is more important than ever.

Preventing disease and illnesses in the workplace can help businesses avoid a large financial loss and reduced productivity. However, the most important benefit would be the sense of value that your employees feel by their employers - that their health and wellbeing truly matters.


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Mobile Health & Skin Cancer Checks

Look after your greatest company asset
'your employees'

We Provide Corporate Health Programs & Preventative Health Strategies To Companies Australia wide.


"Most people are happy to send their car in for a service but then neglect doing the same for themselves. Your most important asset in life is your health. It can also be hard for us to make these appointments due to demands of our busy lives."

Let PreventiHealth's onsite and efficient Corporate Health Programs take the stress and strain away from your employees trying to organise appointments after hours or taking valuable time off work.   


We recommend health screenings at least annually and even more often as we age, in order to stay in check with our health and catch any disease as early as possible to enable effective treatment.

Steph- Registered Nurse at  PreventiHealth 

Corporate Health Programs